World Environment Day - How EV Ready Are We?

On the occasion of , we've got a special session centered around the topic of electric vehicles. Just how EV ready are we and what will it take for EV sales to take off? Giving a perspective from the OEM side are Gaurav Gupta, Chief Commercial Officer, MG Motor India and Ravneet Phokela, Chief Business Officer, Ather Energy. Sandeep Bangia, Head - EV, HA and ESCO Business, Tata Power talks on the role of charging ecosystem, Vinkesh Gulati, President, FADA gives a dealer perspective while Raman Arora, Chief Operating Officer, Reliance General Insurance weighs in on the insurance aspects of going electric.

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  • Krishnan Iyer
    Krishnan Iyer15 दिन पहले

    Good panel discussion. I switched to an EV (MG ZS EV) for I like the ride, and figured for daily use it is a practical thing to do (am just displacing pollution from my place of residence to some Li mining place; so in order to save the environment a lot more needs to be done). My concern remains use of this between cities, India is yet to roll out charging stations across highways - it has been more of talk and headlines management than actual implementation.

  • Aryaman Painuly
    Aryaman Painuly17 दिन पहले

    The main problem with electric vehicles is that they are comparable to appliances like fridges and what not. A shelf life of Maybe 10-11 years and then it's over. So in my mind electrification is not the only method to save the environment but alternate fueling methods like fuel cell, hydrogen and maybe water in the future who knows. But yeah I believe all engines can exist together. I'll buy an ev and place some speakers to get in ICE feel 😂😂

  • Aneesh Kashyap
    Aneesh Kashyap17 दिन पहले

    The truth of EVs exposed: Manufacturing an EV produces more carbon footprint than manufacturing an ICE vehicle. Mining lithium requires lots of toxic chemicals (this produces gases which are harmful to living organisms and the environment). And lithium extraction and battery production require a lot of fossil fuels (which also pollutes the environment). If the government bans combustion engine vehicles, then more and more toxic chemicals and fossil fuels will be used to mine and extract lithium and produce batteries. Despite this dark truth, the government falsely believes that EVs are always eco-friendly, and they don't pollute. And EVs can pollute when batteries get punctured/failed. That's why EVs shouldn't be encouraged. German carmaker Porsche is working on carbon-neutral synthetic fuels. Synthetic fuels are expected not to emit any harmful gases, as Porsche promised to make these fuels as clean as EVs. But actually I think that they can be rarely CLEANER than EVs, as they will be used up by the engine instead of batteries. Porsche will start synthetic fuel trials next year

  • Shashank Salian
    Shashank Salian17 दिन पहले

    Great insights by the industry on the challenges faced while adopting EVs. However, if the electricity source is fossil fuels (coal, petroleum, etc) then even EVs defeat the green purpose 🤔

  • Deepanshu Dhara

    Deepanshu Dhara

    17 दिन पहले

    Yeah and most of the batteries 80% made by the manufacturers are Lithium ion batteries which needs Lithium and cobalt to be mined out and it emits lots of pollution and makes the mining people unhealthy for life.

  • Deepanshu Dhara
    Deepanshu Dhara17 दिन पहले

    Electric Cars were the past they were developed just because to surpass the steam engine but then engineers developed IC engines which can never be surpassed by the past. And we are moving towards future so why take past which is EV instead we should depend upon IC engine which is the future. The only drawback is fuel which scientists are discovering more and more on earth and also developing Bio and synthetic fuel which will make our IC engine be in this planet for many decades. And if the IC engines using gasoline and diesel really becomes a problem then Hydrogen Internal combustion engines are getting more and more advanced and will soon surpass EV's behind. I just said in terms of practicality No one really knows the future of automobile industry anything can happen.

  • Deepanshu Dhara
    Deepanshu Dhara17 दिन पहले

    Electric Cars Disadvantages:- 1) very less BHP hence low speed 2) Very less electric range 3) frequent repairs 4) not at all suitable for touring 5) not good for off roading 6) can't lift heavy weight 7) can't tow heavy weight 8) they produce emissions as lithium ion battery generates a lot of emissions throught mining it. Electricity is mostly generated by IC engines and Coal. 9) the electricity from the battery will be 10 % drained by other electrical components. 10) takes a lot of time for charging. 11) overcharging will reduce the life of battery. 12) most cars use AC motors which provide less BHP but should use DC motors for more bhp. 13) Automobile enthusiasts will mostly be finished. 14) car tuning will be more complex. 15) car repairing will be more complex. 16) no more need of automobile engineers a lot. 17) motors should be more and more big to move which will take more space. 18) service centers are less. 19) electric charging stations are very less. 20) service cost will be out of budget. 21) repairing cost will be out of budget. 22) No sound 23) cost of the car will be relatively high. 24) will not be good for racing any type of except drag racing. 25) no water should touch down or else the car is finished. 26) Not at all fun to Drive. You may think me as a Die-hard fan of IC engines but whatever I have listed here is totally practical.

  • R G

    R G

    17 दिन पहले

    Most of your points are fake and made up. The future is electric. I feel sorry for you.